Tom Maley served a technical apprenticeship as an engineering designer and from
1978 to 1985 trained in tool making, fabrication, electrical design and Mechanical/Civil design projects. He first worked as a junior design engineer and later as a Contract Design Engineer becoming involved in a variety of projects for clients such as Vickers Defence, British Alcan, Dunlop, British Gas, Searle Pharmaceutical and Siemens Microelectronics.

Work In Progress: 1carus
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THE BRIDGE: A new work. Click on the image below to find out more...



Robin of Pegswood – 36ft tall bronze and stainless steel. Client: Wellbeck Estates. Location: Northumberland UK,
(Work in progress).

Robin of Pegswood

Elektra – A companion piece to 1carus. Click on the image to see a larger version (loads in a new page).


Work In Progress: Persyus
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The impetus for my work lies in 'Design and Build'. This creative process encompasses sculptural, architectural and engineering concepts.

My interests lie in developing, designing and producing sculpture which proves to be both dynamic and entertaining and ranges from civic bronzes to fabricated metal abstract structures.

Previous work includes figurative large scale sculptures for both civic commissions and exhibition purposes as well as architectural projects from the design stage to the development and implementation of the final product.

Present and future projects include my ongoing ‘Pop Art’ series which often involve social comment sometimes mixed with humour, proving provocative in their genre and therein evoking a narrative particular to the individual.

Currently I am working on several sculptural/architectural designs based around the sphere, utilising lightweight sustainable/renewable materials.



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Jackie Milburn & Alan Shearer


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Statue for Newcastle United football Club