Unknown Soldier – 2.4m high bronze, war memorial, Ashington Town centre, Northumberland.

Unknown Soldier

Lifesize bronze and stainless steel. Powerful heroic figure representing man’s determination and invention to overcome the natural elements. The true ‘Angel of the North’, this half man half machine ‘hybrid’ embodies the spirit of the North and is a real celebration of our mining and industrial heritage. Click the image to load a larger version in a new page.


3rd Class Stamp
1.5m (5feet) high mixed media. Large relief sculpture of an African tribesman superimposed on a giant British 3rd Class Stamp.

3rd Class Stamp

Female Nude 1
Lifesize painted bronze. Contemporary female nude.

Female Nude


Fred & Doug, the Siamese Thugs – Lifesize, glass fibre composite, ‘Return of Icarus’ exhibition, Woodhorn, 2003.

Lifesize pop art figures, painted bronze. Two identical Siamese twins conjoined at the beer belly, one with red stripes the other with black, ready to go to war over their different choice of colour.


Social comment about the futility and banality of man’s irrational bigotry and racism highlighted by simple use of colour.

Life-size bronze, ceramic and aluminium. A pop art contemporary representation of the Greek legend, the Minotaur. A young woman has unwisely strayed into the Urinataur’s labyrinth, the ‘Gentlemans’, and is being devoured by a half urinal, half graffiti painted bull. A warning for all the ‘ladettes’ out there? Is she as unwilling as we might imagine or has the Urinataur bitten off more than he can chew? Will Theseus rescue her in time? Does she want to be rescued?



Here you can find details of some of my more popular work. Many are site specific and publicly commissioned sculptures which can be found in and around the region of the North East of England.

Two Crows on a Crankshaft  - Twice life-size Ravens, glass fibre composite and steel, ‘Return of Icarus’ exhibition, Woodhorn Colliery Museum, Northumberland, 2003.

Two Crows on a Crankshaft

Jackie Milburn – 2.4m high bronze, St James’ Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 1996.


Jackie Milburn

Life-size bronze and aluminium. Contemporary update of the Theseus legend. A modern day Theseus complete with mobile phone is on the hunt for the Urinataur and also holds the last remaining connecting rod from the crankshaft in his hand. Can Theseus save the girl? Does the girl need saving? Can he save British Industry? Is it worth saving?