A new submission incorporating emerging digital 3D techniques to visualise and help create the finished work.

‘The Bridge’ is a 21st century take on the legend of Saint George and the Dragon.

Traditionally St. George is depicted slaying the Dragon, however this version of events shows a more tolerant George offering ‘The Hand of Peace’. Unlike the traditional depiction of the Dragon as a Demon, The Bridge shows a humanised, scared, emaciated and hungry Dragon, although still potentially dangerous. George is shown as a modern day Australian UN Peacekeeping Soldier.

The Bridge shows the Dragon retreating to the ‘higher ground’, as many animals do when feeling threatened. The Dragon is protectively clutching a symbolic spherical object which may be it’s egg or alternatively represents the Dragon’s world. George is at the lower end of The Bridge, he stands relaxed and in an unthreatening manner, significantly he has his helmet removed, an act of trust and also his weapon is behind him and pointing away from the Dragon. George is portrayed as a strong heroic soldier, but one with knowledge and empathy towards the Dragon. He is offering the hand of peace and a safe haven. He is inviting the Dragon to ‘Come on Down’, to cross the Bridge and join him.

It seems the World we all live in is full of ‘Demons’ or ‘Dragons’, ‘enemies’, people with different views, different cultures, different beliefs. If we continue to hunt and kill these ‘Dragons’ do we cure the problem? Or do we exacerbate the situation? There is an old adage that if you kill one Dragon, you create a martyr and 1000 Dragons stand up to take it’s place.

THE BRIDGE offers a message of PEACE and an alternative policy towards those who are different from ourselves.

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The Bridge itself acts as a Gateway, allowing the viewer to walk ‘through’ as well as around the Sculpture. This creates a different Dynamic and connects the viewer to the piece in a way not possible with a traditional plinth.

The figure of George would be 1.5 times lifesize, ie 2.7m (9 feet). The Dragon would be larger again and both would be cast in Bronze with a modern metallic Patina (Finish).

The Bridge design is a mix of Gothic and Modern Architecture. The column bases draw from traditional Gothic design and the Bridge section between the two columns is a modern ‘castellated’ structural fabrication. The columns and the bridge will be constructed from Satin Finished Stainless steel. The whole structure will be built on a reinforced concrete foundation cast below finished ground level. A suitable stone paving material would finish the ground works.(To be discussed)

The structure would be lit up at night, with uplighters shining up the columns and spotlights highlighting the two figures.

Concept sketch
The Bridge - Concept Drawing